Our HR strategy consulting services are designed to help businesses build a high-impact, transformational HR function that aligns with the overall business strategy. We partner with our clients to help them achieve mastery of both service-delivery and strategic ability by providing digitalization solutions to transform HR operations and enhance employee experience. We help them in streamlining their processes, develop modern HR policies and procedures, design attractive compensation and benefits programs, establish effective talent management strategies tailored to their needs and much more.

Strategic planning using the TCD Model: Thinking, Crafting, Designing to help your business create a roadmap to achieve your overall long-term goals aligned with your business objectives.

  • A-Z Business Positioning
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Crafting & Designing
  • Budgeting  Process

Implementation journey using the OPI Model: Organisation, Planning, Implementation to help  your business execute on its HR strategic plan.

  • Setting up your HR Model
  • HR Administration & Operation
  • Crafting of HR policies and procedures
  • Employee Value Proposition :  Recruitment and  Succession planning, Compensation and Benefit, Training and Development, Engagement and Culture.

Follow-up using the REEF Support Model: Review, Evaluate, Evolve, Follow-up to help your business maintain its long-term perspective and stay ahead of the game. 

  • Hold progress reviews   
  • Evaluate progress through KPI’s and Statistical analysis
  • Provide opportunities for your business and people to evolve
  • Regular inhouse interventions &  follow-ups